NOVA Transfer Students (B.A.)

Did you know that nearly half of all Marymount Interior Design graduates began their undergraduate education at another institution?


The Interior Design department and Office of Undergraduate Admissions are committed to making the transfer process for NOVA students as smooth as possible. The following information is provided specifically for NOVA students interested in completing their B.A. Interior Design degree at Marymount University.

If you already have a Bachelors degree, you can learn more about transferring credit towards our First-Professional Masters in Interior Design here.

Transfer Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid available for NOVA students transferring to Marymount. You can review the full list of scholarships and grants here.

Four-year Transfer Pathway

The Interior Design departments at MU and NOVA have worked together to develop a four-year suggested transfer pathway.    

Download the Four-Year Transfer Pathway Advising Sheet
    NOVA Transfer Students (B.A.) 

  • Questions about the NOVA portion of this pathway should be directed to Kris Winner, Program Head at Northern Virginia Community College.
  • Questions about the Marymount portion of this pathway should be directed to Doug Seidler, Department Chair at Marymount University.

More Info on Transfer Credit

Marymount University requires a grade of C or higher to consider transfer credit for undergraduate courses. In addition to that requirement, the Interior Design department requires a placement portfolio to receive transfer credit for some Interior Design courses. A course-by-course articulation grid is provided below.

You can read more about the Placement Portfolio process here.

NOVA Course / Title MU Equivalent Course Transfer Requirements
IDS 100
Theory & Techniques of ID
Foundation Studio I
Portfolio and grade of B- or higher
IDS 105
Arch Drafting for ID
Freehand Drafting
Portfolio and grade of B- or higher
IDS 106
3D Drawing & Rendering
Sketching and Rendering for Ideas
Portfolio and grade of B- or higher
IDS 109
Styles of Furniture
History of Interior Design I
Grade of C or higher
IDS 205
Materials & Sources
Textiles and Finish Materials
Grade of C or higher
IDS 215
Theory & Research Commercial Design
Foundation Studio II
Portfolio and grade of B- or higher
IDS 221
Designing Commercial Interiors I
Foundation Studio III
Portfolio and grade of B- or higher
IDS 225
Business Procedures
Intro to Interior Design
Grade of C or higher
IDS 246 Adv CAD for ID ID-325
Construction Documents
Portfolio and grade of B- or higher.

Note: Portfolio must show strong understanding of construction drawings using Revit.

ART 131 -OR- ART 132
Fund of Design I/II
Intro to Color and Design
Grade of C or higher
ART 140
Intro to Graphic Skills
Intro to Digital Tools
Grade of C or higher
ART 102
History and Appreciation of Art II
Intro to Art History II
Grade of C or higher