Institutional Review Board

What is the role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)?

The IRB reviews and approves all Marymount University research that involves human subjects, in accordance with federal regulations and University policies. The IRB review ensures that

  • risks to subjects are minimized
  • risks to subjects are reasonable in relationship to anticipated benefits
  • selection of subjects is equitable
  • informed consent is obtained and properly documented
  • data collected is monitored to ensure safety of subjects and
  • the privacy of subjects and confidentiality of data are maintained.

In addition to approving research, the IRB has the authority to require modifications (in securing approval), disapprove research, conduct continuing reviews, observe/verify changes, and suspend or terminate approval of research.

IRB Membership

The overall composition of the IRB committee is consistent with federal guideline for Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46). These federal guidelines emphasize the need for committee diversity in terms of professional background and perspective, including at least one individual whose primary concern is “nonscientific” and one person who has no other affiliation with the University. Marymount’s IRB Committee meets these guidelines. The IRB Committee reports to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

If you are not affiliated with the University and would like more information about Marymount IRB please email IRB.