Procedures & Precautions

Marymount University recommends the following safety procedures and precautions to all students and employees:

  • After dark, always travel in groups of two or more people.
  • Always keep to well-lighted and maintained walkways.
  • Immediately report any suspicious-looking persons or out-of-ordinary occurrences (such as propped doors or broken windows) to Campus Safety at ext. 1600.
  • Take advantage of Marymount’s free and convenient 24-hour security escort service to and from any place on campus property by calling ext. 1600 for the Main Campus or ext. 5900 for Ballston Center. This service is described in more detail in the class schedule, the Student Handbook, and the Parking Rules and Regulations for Students brochure.
  • Take advantage of Marymount’s free and convenient shuttle transportation when traveling to or from Ballston Metro during class hours and on weekends. Additional information and shuttle timetables are available in the Office of Campus Safety & Emergency Management and online.
  • Never park in dark, remote, or unsafe areas. Always lock your car after parking, don’t leave valuables visible, and have your car keys ready when you return to your car.
  • Always be familiar with your destination and route and, if you go out alone, let someone know where you are going.
  • Never prop open doors of campus buildings. Remove props from doors if you see them and report the situation to Campus Safety.
  • Please note that on weekends or other days when there are no classes, unoccupied buildings will be kept locked.
  • For additional information on safety and security, call or visit the Office of Campus Safety & Emergency Management in Gerard Hall, 205B  (703) 284-1601.