MU Alerts

Marymount University’s Emergency Notification System

Marymount University students, faculty, and staff can sign up to receive alerts about emergency situations affecting the campus community, as well as notification of weather-related delays, cancellations, and closings. MU Alerts will be sent through the Marymount LiveSafe App.

MU Alerts can be received through text-messaging, e-mail, and LiveSafe App push notifications. This emergency notification system allows Marymount to notify members of the campus community quickly in the event of an emergency. The messages sent to the MU community will state a brief message describing the nature of the situation and suggested action. More detailed information may be posted on Marymount’s Web site. Other means of emergency communication (Cable TV message scrolling, Twitter, Facebook, External PA systems, and use of the local media) may also be used to notify the MU community.

MU Alerts messages are automatically sent to all Marymount e-mail addresses. Students, faculty, and staff must download LiveSafe and enter their cell phone number to receive MU Alerts text messages. You may also enter your personal e-mail into your LiveSafe account to receive MU Alerts to a non-affiliated Marymount e-mail.