Catherine Young

Class of 2025

Catherine Young


Communication with minors in Public Relations and Journalism

Marymount Involvement:

Why did you decide to come to Marymount?

I came to Marymount for a couple of reasons. I do credit my mom for guiding me here, as I wanted to stay closer to home since I’m from the Northern Virginia area. My Catholic faith is also important to me, so I definitely love Marymount’s Catholic foundation and roots. Additionally, I was unsure of my major, so it was nice to come to Marymount and have some options.

How has your Catholic faith guided your path throughout your time at Marymount?

My Catholic faith is the center and cornerstone of my life, so naturally it played a role in going to Marymount and my time here so far. The Holy Spirit has guided me in the people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve encountered, as well as through my personal and professional growth. I’ve met many other Catholics, while also having dialogue with those from other faiths. My faith is a gift and an anchor, even in the midst of stressful assignments and busy weeks. As I approach senior year, with internships and graduation on the horizon, I find a lot of peace in trusting God’s plan for me as He guides me forward in my life.

The Marymount University seal has the Latin words “Tua Luce Dirige” which means “Direct Us By Thy Light,” and I’ve definitely experienced that during my time at Marymount and will continue to share God’s light and love with others. My faith definitely played a role in joining Campus Ministry my freshman year and serving as a student leader for both my sophomore and junior years. It gave me the opportunity to share and celebrate my faith with my peers, support Mass and other liturgies, and engage in social and service opportunities.

Has there been a memorable experience during your time at Marymount?

When I first came to Marymount, I had heard about this Biology class in Belize with Dr. Todd Rimkus and I finally got to go this past summer. This class also fulfilled my liberal arts core requirement and I got to study abroad for 10 days while learning about the ecology and marine biology of Belize. Dr. Rimkus works with turtles, so we got to track a turtle — and we also saw his beautiful connection with the Gales Point community and his support of education there. That was such a cool opportunity and experience that I’m really grateful for, and it was one of the best things from my time at Marymount.

What was your favorite experience from your time in Catholic Campus Ministry?

I’ve had so many fun experiences and memories with Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM). I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked in the office and support CCM and the legacy of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. I’ve met so many great people — student leaders who I looked up to when I was a freshman and who I still look up to now, former staff who were not only my bosses but also mentors, and, of course, the one and only Sr. Jackie Murphy.

Since I was a student worker in the CCM office my freshman year, I helped coordinate different events — from the glow-in-the-dark easter egg hunt to HalloweenFest, weekly social events and liturgies, off-campus events like our pilgrimage to Emmitsburg, Md., or the fall beach retreat. I’ve been blessed to welcome other students into the ministry and support students who were confirmed last year. I’ve also been a part of engaging with our Arlington community through serving dinner to New Hope Housing, a local homeless shelter.

Catherine Young on a Marymount trip to Belize

What is one thing about Communication that interests you?

Just the fact that there’s always people involved, when you’re connecting with an audience or sharing something with other people or writing to convey information or news to other people. This can be done through a variety of mediums — public relations, photography or video, social media and more. I think that’s really important, and I’ve definitely been drawn to that while studying at Marymount.

What do you hope to do after you graduate next year?

I’m keeping my options open within the realm of communications. I’m excited to get an internship that will help me figure out exactly what I’m good at or what I enjoy. I would love to do something for the Lord, for the Church, since my faith is so important to me. But I also have seen how God plants me where He wants me and needs me and where is best for me. Whether that’s doing something for the Church or for the Lord or somewhere else, I’m really looking forward to what God has in store for me.

Any additional comments?

I’m really grateful for the people I’ve met at Marymount. From the staff and incredible faculty, to all of the friends I have made through my classes or in the offices of my multiple jobs on campus, it’s wonderful to have had that support system. The people here are truly one of the best parts of being at Marymount.