Conflicts of Interest

Annually, all investigators with external funding must complete the MU Conflict of Interest (COI) form for sponsored research certifying either having no FCOI or declaring a situation that could give the appearance of an FCOI related to their university or sponsored research/program responsibilities. The Forms are generally collected at, or just before, the start of the fall semester. See the Sponsored programs (SP- Policy 14) on the MU portal for directions to complete the forms and manage perceived, or real, conflicts of interest. Marymount general conflict of interest disclosure form.

The financial conflict of interest policy can be found here.

U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Funded Investigators

The U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) amended its Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Regulations effective August 24, 2012. PHS regulations have unique disclosure requirements of significant financial interests and rules regarding managing financial conflicts of interest, as well as for reporting FCOIs to PHS.

All Investigators are required to make an initial disclosure of financial interest related to institutional responsibilities to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) prior to the expenditure of any funding from PHS agencies, such as NIH, CDC, HRSA, SAMHSA, FDA, and AHRQ. Afterward, Investigators are required to make annual disclosures and disclosures of new significant financial interests within 30 days of acquiring the new SFI. PHS-specific Conflict of interest disclosure form.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

NSF also has unique Conflict of Interest questions not addressed in other forms. that need to be addressed at the start of a funded grant and annually thereafter. If you are listed as an investigator on an NSF grant, please complete BOTH the general MU sponsored Programs conflict of interest form AND the NSF Form before you begin working on the grant and annually thereafter.

Please refer to the Sponsored Programs Conflict of Interest Policy on the MU portal for more details.

Here are the links to the relevant Conflict of Interest forms:
NSF-specific Conflict of interest disclosure form.

Training Requirements

All externally-funded Investigators (including those funded by the PHS) are required to complete the CITI COI course with re-certification required every four years. Please visit the Institutional Review Board site on the myMarymount to sign up for a CITI account and choose the COI course.

Public Accessibility

Information required by PHS regulations concerning identified FCOIs of senior/key personnel will be available upon written request to any requestor within 5 business days.  Please contact the COI Institutional Official at