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Office Location Telephone # Email
Academic Affairs Chapel, 2nd floor 703-284-1550 Email Us
Admissions (Undergraduate) Butler Hall, 1st floor 800-548-7638
Email Us
Admissions (Graduate) Ballston Center 703-284-5901
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Alumni Relations Main House, 2nd floor 800-787-2586
Email Us
Athletics Rose Bente Lee Center, 2nd floor 703-284-1619 Email Us
Barry Art Gallery Reinsch Library, 1st floor   Email Us
1950 Cafe Rose Bente Lee Center, 1st floor 703-526-6912  
Bookstore Caruthers Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1614 Email Us
Business Office St. Joseph Hall, 2nd floor 703-284-1480  
Campus and Residential Services Berg Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1608 Email Us
Campus Programs & Leadership Development Gerard Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1611 Email Us
Campus Safety Gerard Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1601 Email Us
Campus Ministry Gerard Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1607 Email Us
Cashier Rowley Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1490  
Center for Career Development Rowley Hall, 1st floor 703-284-5960 Email Us
Center for Global Education (Study Abroad) Gerard Hall, 1st floor 703-284-6474 Email Us
Center for Teaching and Learning Rowley, G105 703-284-1538 Email Us
Chapel Sacred Heart of Mary Chapel, Main Campus
Ballston Center
  Email Us
Conference Center Office Gerard Hall, G2 level 703-284-1540 Email Us
Computer labs Rowley Hall, G2 level; Ballston Center   Email Us
Copy Services Berg Hall 703-284-1493 Email Us
Counseling Center Berg Hall, 1st floor 703-526-6861 Email Us
Development 2040 (2nd floor) at Ballston Center 703-284-1647 Email Us
Dining Services Gerard Phelan Hall, 2nd floor 703-908-7521 Email Us
DISCOVER Rowley, G105 703-284-1538 Email Us
Educational Partnerships Ballston Center 703-284-5770 Email Us
Financial Affairs St. Joseph Hall, 2nd floor 703-284-1480 Email Us
Financial Aid Rowley Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1530 Email Us
Fitness Centers Rose Benté Lee Center, Lee Ostapenko Hall 703-526-6910 Email Us
Honors Program Ostapenko Hall, G1 Level   Email Us
Human Resource St. Joseph Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1680 Email Us
ID/Access (OCRS) 1001 Berg Hall 703-284-5700 Email Us
Information Technology Services Reinsch Library, lower level, G20 703-526-6990 Email Us
International Student Services Gerard Hall, 1st floor 703-526-6922 Email Us
Library and Learning Services Reinsch Library
Ballston Center
Email Us
Mailboxes Rose Benté Lee Center, 2nd floor; Rowley Hall, Lee Ostapenko Hall 703-284-1494  
Mail Services Berg Hall, lower level 703-284-1494  
Malek School of Health Professions Caruthers Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1580 Email Us
Marketing & Communications Main House, 3rd floor 703-908-7600 Email Us
Office of the President Main House, 2nd floor 703-284-1598 Email Us
Parking Office Booth next to Reinsch Library Main Entrance 703-908-7671 Email Us
Physical Plant Gerard Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1529 Email Us
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Butler Hall, 1st floor 703-284-5748 Email Us
Pool Rose Benté Lee Center, lower level 703-284-3832  
Recreational Gym Rose Benté Lee Center, lower level   Email Us
Registrar Rowley Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1520 Email Us
Reinsch Library Auditorium Reinsch Library, 1st floor   Email Us
College of Sciences and Humanities Gailhac Hall, top floor 703-284-1560 Email Us
College of Business, Innovation, Leadership, and Technology Ballston Center, 5th floor 703-284-5910 Email Us
College of Health and Education Rowley Hall, G1 level 703-284-1620 Email Us
Student Accounts Rowley Hall, 1st floor   Email Us
Student Affairs Gerard Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1615 Email Us
Student Health Center Berg Hall, 1st floor 703-284-1610 Email Us
Title IX Office St. Joseph Hall, 1st floor 703-526-6940 Email Us
Parking Booth next to Reinsch Library Main Entrance 703-908-7671 Email Us
Converse Family Fieldhouse Rose Benté Lee Center, 1st floor 703-526-6910 Email Us