Center for Teaching & Learning


The CTL will be a nexus of support where all students and faculty can explore innovations that inspire learning.


The CTL advocates for all learners, cultivates a welcoming learning environment, fosters
dynamic partnerships, and provides diverse, accessible resources and services to facilitate intellectual and professional development. Through workshops, tutoring, collaboration, and coaching, undergraduate and graduate students expand their repertoire of learning strategies and faculty enhance their pedagogy.


  • Facilitating the development of better teachers and learners
  • Supplementing curriculum with academic supports
  • Fostering metacognitive awareness for more effective teaching and learning strategies
  • Providing robust training opportunities to enhance academic/pedagogical skill sets
  • Developing a well-rounded perspective to faculty and student support through a comprehensive case-management approach
  • Partnering with others at the university to deliver high-impact practices tailored to specific populations
  • Providing academic and professional leadership opportunities for Marymount graduate and undergraduate students

Center for Teaching & Learning