WDVM: Marymount University will return to in-person classes, activities this fall

Marymount University


Marymount University will open its campus this fall for the “full student experience.” The announcement was made during a spring semester with a COVID-19 positivity rate of less than 1% with more than 90% of students on campus. (The fall semester’s positivity rate was 2% with 80% of students on campus.)

University President Dr. Irma Becerra says there was “some hesitancy” from students and faculty when Marymount reopened in-person instruction, but that it’s been such a success that she’s participated in national and international panels to share the university’s story. 

Becerra expects most students to be vaccinated by the fall since most of them are over 18-years-old. She’s not sure how big the student body or incoming class will be yet, as the students are submitting their applications a little later than usual. 

All of Marymount’s athletes are competing this spring, and while the university has been strict on CDC guidelines, Becerra is sure that the fall’s activities will look much different.

“We are anticipating by the fall we’ll be all in. Full force,” she said. “All activities, the vibrancy of our campus, and our activities will be back to how it used to be.”

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