3 reasons why you should get to know your professors personally

3 reasons why there is real value in getting to know your professors personally

  One of the most beneficial things you can do in college is build relationships with your professors. This is especially easy to do at universities with smaller class sizes (Marymount’s student-faculty ratio is 14:1). College professors are fascinating people! You may have a Biology professor who researches and volunteers in Belize, a Physical Therapy […]

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‘Rights of Nature’ book, co-edited by Marymount professor, is geared for international launch

Dr. Daniel Corrigan, co-editor of "Rights of Nature: A Re-examination"

  What if fundamental aspects of our natural environment – trees, rivers, ecosystems – had similar legal protections and rights to those that human beings possess? That question has been on the mind of Dr. Daniel Corrigan, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Marymount University, over the past few years. The idea of “rights of nature,” […]

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Professor Brian Flanagan begins tenure as president of College Theology Society

Dr. Brian Flanagan and the College Theology Society

  This month, Dr. Brian Flanagan, Associate Professor of Theology at Marymount University, achieved national recognition by officially becoming the acting President of the College Theology Society (CTS). Founded in 1954 as a Roman Catholic organization of lay and religious teachers of undergraduate theology, CTS is a professional association of college and university professors now […]

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