Make your transfer experience (nearly) stress-free with these 5 tips

Make your transfer experience (nearly) stress-free with these 5 tips


Transferring colleges may seem complicated and overwhelming. At Marymount University, however, the process is surprisingly simple. In this blog, we outline some of the steps that we’ve taken to make your transfer experience as easy as possible. You’ll be a part of campus life before you know it!

1. We have numerous scholarships available specifically for transfer students.

Students transferring to Marymount are eligible for a number of grants, scholarships and other forms of financial aid. Eligible full-time transfer applicants are automatically offered the highest scholarship they qualify for from the list below:

Scholarships  Amount Minimum GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
Academic Distinction $16,000 3.20+
Academic Excellence  $14,500 3.00+
Saints Scholarship $12,500 2.75+
Opportunity Scholarship $10,000 All students not eligible for the above awards

All transfer scholarships are renewable for up to four years of study, provided you maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Click here for more info.

2. Our policy of rolling admissions means that you can take your time during the application process.

There’s nothing worse than rushing through an application while watching the clock tick down! At Marymount, you can apply whenever is best for you. If possible, we do recommend applying earlier rather than later, so you can make sure that you’re able to register for all of the courses that you want.

3. You won’t need SAT scores to apply, and you may not need high school transcripts, either.

Marymount does not consider SAT/ACT scores for admission or scholarship purposes. Also, if you’ve already completed at least 30 college credits, we don’t require you to send your high school transcripts. Other items like letters of recommendation and personal essays are also optional. By reducing the number of documents that you need in order to apply, we hope that the transfer process will be a breeze! Click here for more on transfer admissions requirements.

4. We have a transfer counselor and offer specialized transfer visits.

From the very beginning of the transfer process, our transfer counselor can help you by reviewing your application and helping you navigate the admissions process in general. It can be immensely helpful to have someone give you advice about your specific situation, so we highly recommend talking with them! Also, on April 28, 2023, we’re offering a NOVA Transfer Day event that’s planned specifically for Northern Virginia Community College students. You can take advantage of the chance to meet with Marymount advisors, connect with Marymount faculty, learn about scholarships and financial aid and start picturing yourself as a Saint! Click here to register.

5. New Student Orientation will help you acclimate quickly.

Even before you begin your first semester at Marymount, you’ll be able to meet other Saints during New Student Orientation. During this one-day session, you’ll learn about life on campus and make new friends. By the time you start classes, you’ll already begin to feel part of the Marymount community.


As you can see, transferring to Marymount University is a relatively hassle-free experience! Hopefully the above tips will give you an idea of what to expect during the transfer process. For more personalized information, please contact our Office of Admissions or schedule a campus visit whenever is convenient for you.