Challenging injustice — join Marymount on a journey in Sociology

Challenging injustice — join Marymount on a journey in Sociology


In Marymount University’s Sociology program, we focus on empowering students to value diversity as strength, recognize internationality as a gift and understand the dynamics of inclusion. Our Sociology degree embodies Marymount University’s tradition of cultivating an appreciation of the value of difference and challenging structural foundations of social injustice.

Are you ready to join us on a sociological journey?

Our program integrates a global perspective throughout the curriculum.

Our Sociology program adopts an applied approach to learning that integrates a global perspective throughout the program. We are committed to building a community of students and faculty who share a common interest in understanding the importance of global connections and the benefits of cultural diversity. We accomplish these goals in terms of what we do and how we understand our place in the world, and how we work collaboratively with the many communities that we serve.

Our students are encouraged to expand their horizons and find new ways of exploring the world.

Marymount offers several study abroad programs, and students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Whether it is learning in a global classroom over spring break, a short-term summer course or a semester abroad, this range of global experiences provides you the opportunity to develop intercultural competence.

Visit our Center for Global Engagement page to learn more about the career benefits of study abroad.

Our graduates make a difference in the world.

Grounded in a liberal arts curriculum, a degree in Sociology from Marymount prepares students for a range of careers — including working to make a difference locally through community development initiatives, and working for global change with non-governmental organizations or international institutions. Your training in sociology will provide you with a unique ability to understand the world we live in and the rapid changes being brought about by globalization.

Our students gain first-hand research experience.

Students can explore topics of personal interest by working on independent study projects or assisting faculty members whose research and areas of expertise cover a range of fields within sociology. Students also have the opportunity to present at Marymount’s Student Research Conference.

We want to prepare you to change the world. At Marymount University, we value diversity of thought and experience. Through our applied learning approach, we are committed to integrating a global perspective throughout our Sociology program. If you’re interested in making a real difference in the world and if you’re concerned with impacting social justice, we invite you to request more information today.