Bernie’s Books for Less announced as Marymount’s new course material delivery model

Bernie's Books for Less announced as Marymount's new course material delivery model


Marymount University has partnered with Barnes & Noble College to implement the company’s BNC First Day® Complete program with the unique institutional brand name ‘Bernie’s Books for Less,’ a course material delivery model that will drive student success by ensuring all students are prepared to begin learning on the first day of class.

Bernie’s Books for Less will address equitable access, convenience and affordability across all courses at Marymount by bundling the cost of course materials into tuition and ensuring students have all of their materials for the semester available on or before the first day of class. In addition, the program fully supports academic freedom and faculty choice. Faculty members can choose the materials that are best suited for their teaching, regardless of publisher or format.

“We know that rising textbook and course material prices have proven to be a financial barrier for college students across the country over recent years,” said Dr. Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University. “But with Bernie’s Books for Less, students at Marymount will have access to lower prices and incredible discounts as they can save up to 50 percent on the cost of course materials each term. Plus, they’ll know they can hit the ground running on their first day of classes – and research shows that students who have their materials on the first day perform better in their classes. It’s a game-changer for how our students can prepare for their courses.”

“Bernie’s Books for Less truly simplifies the entire textbook and course material purchasing process for students,” added Dr. Hesham El-Rewini, Provost and Senior Vice President at Marymount University. “When they register for their classes ahead of upcoming semesters, they will be automatically enrolled into the program with an opt-out option available, and the bookstore takes care of everything from there. With this highly-personalized concierge service, there’s no need to shop around.”

Marymount is currently implementing Bernie’s Books for Less for a Spring 2022 semester rollout. Before the start of the semester, students will receive an email from the University Bookstore prompting them to select their preferred delivery method. The Bookstore will prepare the materials for each student and notify them when the materials have shipped or are available for in-store pickup. Digital materials will be delivered directly through Canvas, the learning management system for Marymount students.

The timing of the establishment of the University’s Bernie’s Books for Less program also coincides with a key renovation project on Marymount’s Main Campus, as part of the institution’s Campus Master Plan. Early in the Spring 2022 semester, the University is expected to unveil a revamped and state-of-the-art Barnes & Noble bookstore at Ireton Hall. The University Spirit Shop and Lola’s Café will also be relocated to Ireton as well.

“It’s so exciting for our institution to be in the position of lowering costs for students and helping ensure their academic success, all while designing and constructing a new bookstore and café that energizes our community and turns Ireton Hall into a central gathering spot on our beautiful campus,” said Barry Harte, Vice President for Finance and Operations & Treasurer at Marymount University.

“We look forward to working with Marymount to enhance the student experience through this new model of course material delivery,” said Jonathan Shar, EVP of Retail & Client Solutions for Barnes & Noble Education. “Bernie’s Books for Less will ensure students are prepared to begin learning on day one, driving greater student success while offering a more affordable and convenient way for students to obtain their course materials. We know it will greatly benefit the campus community, and we are very excited to partner with Marymount on this program.”