Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to do to be eligible to work?

Regardless of whether a student is hired under the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program or Campus Employment (CE), all students must meet minimum eligibility criteria. During fall or spring semesters, student applicants must have authorization to work on campus in the US, must be registered for classes, and must be in good judicial standing  (Students who are on disciplinary probation at the time of application may be eligible for employment if permission is received by the Dean of Students). 

For summer semesters, students who will be taking courses in the fall semester must have been registered in the spring prior to the summer for which they are applying to work AND must be registered for classes for the fall semester. If a student is graduating in August, then the student must have been registered in the spring prior to the summer for which they are applying to work and be registered for the remaining degree requirements to be completed during the summer session. 

International students also have additional eligibility requirements to consider so please check out the international student page. 

Where will I work and what will I be doing?

There are a variety of different jobs that are available to students across campus.  In general, most jobs fall under the following categories:

Office/Staff Support

Most jobs on campus offer students the opportunity to work with either an office or an individual staff/faculty member.  These jobs tend to require a skill set that a student will need in order to begin working immediately.  These jobs may require proficiency with specific software, the ability to perform a particular task, or willingness to learn on the job.

Desk Attendants

Desk attendants typically answer questions over the phone and in person and/or monitor traffic through a residence hall or building.

Off-Campus Community Service

FWS  recipients have the unique opportunity to give back to the local community while earning their awards.  The America Reads Literacy program and other community service-based programs are jobs that focus on providing educational support to elementary school children and other underserved members of the community.  While these jobs are located off-campus, students who accept these positions are paid at a highly competitive rate and receive compensation for their travel time (transportation is not provided).

How many hours can I work?

Working hours are generally limited to 12 hours a week per job while classes are in session and up to 20 hours during extended university breaks (such as spring break) and the summer semester.  Your academic obligations are expected to come first.  Campus employers who hire students understand that and will work with you to arrange your work hours around your classes.

How much will I earn?

The hourly wage rate for each job is based upon the nature of the work and the knowledge and experience required for the job. 

Level Score Pay Rate
Grade 1 5-10 No jobs rated at this level
Grade 2 11-15 $7.50
Grade 3 16-20 $8.00
Grade 4 21-36 $8.50

How will I be paid?

Hours are reported on an online timesheet based on a two week schedule starting on Sunday and ending on the second Saturday.  Student employees are paid through either a debit card provided by the University or direct deposit into the student’s bank account on the second Friday after the timesheet is due.  The student’s pay is not applied toward a student’s tuition cost.

When and how can I apply for jobs?

Visit Handshake.  Click on “Jobs” and then filter the jobs using the “On Campus” button. If the job mentions Federal Work Study only, then this is only for FWS students, but if it does not, then it is available for FWS or CE. Make sure you upload your resume and update your Handshake profile for the best results.

Each semester has its own hiring period. The hiring period for fall begins early August and runs through the end of October.  The hiring period for spring begins in mid-December and runs through early March.

Can I apply for more than one job?

A student can apply for as many positions as desired.  However, a student can ultimately only accept one offer of employment on campus. Students can, however, take a stipend position such as a Student Ambassador position while maintaining their FWS job or CE job, with a few exceptions. Please contact our office  if you have any questions about your specific stipend and employment on-campus situation.

Will I lose my FWS award if I wait to apply to jobs?

Not necessarily.  Most students who begin working by November 1st will eventually earn their full award by working 12 hours per week when classes are in session.  Even if a student does not use the full award, the student’s chances for receiving a Federal Work Study Award the next year are not necessarily diminished.