On-Campus Employment for Students

There are a myriad of opportunities for employment on campus for students. Students who work on campus fall into three types of programs. Read about them below. While students must apply to all jobs on campus and are not guaranteed a job, regardless of program, Career Services and Marymount University are committed to working closely with students to assist them in their search.

If you have questions about payment, finding a job, and more, please look at our FAQ page in this section. 

Types of On-Campus Employment:

Federal Work-Study Program (FWS)

The Federal Work Study program is a government-sponsored program that enables students to work part- time to help meet the cost of their education. Every year, Marymount’s Office of Financial Aid offers FWS to students who qualify based on many factors including (but not limited to) the amount of income reported on a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); the amount of grants, scholarships, and/or loans that are applied to a student’s account; and the amount of funding that is available for the school to distribute.*

This award is an estimate of what you may earn during the academic year, the money cannot be applied to University charges, and money earned from a FWS job is not applied to a student’s account. Students who wish to use their FWS award must apply to and interview for available work study jobs; when they begin working on-campus, they will automatically begin using the FWS Award. Meanwhile, students who wish to decline the award must notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing. For more information, please call the Office of Financial Aid at 703-284-1530 or visit their website.

*The Financial Aid staff does not necessarily look at whether a student has previously used FWS funds when determining future awards.  Therefore, a student can choose to decline a FWS award one year and then be granted and accept a FWS award the following year. However, the reverse is also true: Students with a FWS award one year may not receive it the following year depending on the factors listed earlier. 

Campus Employment (CE)

The Campus Employment program is a Marymount-funded program that enables undergraduate and graduate students to work part- time on campus regardless of financial need.  Students without a FWS award are hired under the CE program.

Graduate Assistantships (GA)

The Graduate Assistantship program is available to eligible graduate students and is coordinated through the Human Resources Office. Note: In order to maximize the number of on-campus employment opportunities for as many students as possible, Graduate Assistants cannot work concurrently in a CE position.

Stipend Positions and Grant-Funded Positions

Several positions across campus, such as leadership positions, are available to eligible undergraduate and graduate students but are not part of the FWS or CE programs.  These positions are paid by stipend instead of bi-weekly paychecks and hourly wages.  Hiring for stipend positions is coordinated through the host department. In general, students can work in a stipend position while also employed in a FWS or a CE position. However, there are a few limits: Students should take care that the total number of hours that they work in Marymount employment does not exceed 20 hours per week, and, if a student is a Community Assistant (CA), they can work up to 10 hours with a FWS position, but cannot work in a CE job.

Please schedule an appointment with our On-Campus Employment Coordinator if you have any questions.