Degree Planning for NOVA Students

A Marymount Education

First, you should become familiar with some terminology. At Marymount, a student earns a degree by completing coursework in the following:

  • Liberal Arts Core – often referred to by Marymount’s faculty and students as “core requirements.” These are comparable to Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) general education electives. Learn more about Marymount’s Liberal Arts Core.
  • Major Requirements – at NOVA, these are sometimes called “degree requirements”
  • Electives – general courses of the student’s choice

Marymount offers majors in approximately 30 disciplines, as well as teaching certification in several areas.

NOVA A.S. Social Sciences Teacher Education Specialization to MU B.A. Education (Elementary Track)
NOVA A.S. Social Sciences Political Science Specialization to MU B.A. Political Pathways
NOVA A.S. Science to MU B.S Biology
NOVA A.S. Science Mathematics Specialization to MU B.S. Mathematics
NOVA A.S. Information Technology Pathway to MU B.S Information Technology
NOVA A.S. General Studies Health Sciences Specialization to MU B.S. Health Sciences (Pre-Professional-Track)
NOVA A.S. Criminology and Criminal Justice to MU B.A. Criminal Justice

If your NOVA degree or intended major are not offered here, please contact Marymount’s Office of Admissions for assistance with advising information.