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Marynet and My MU Plan Information

Faculty guide to viewing course rosters, completing the Attendance Survey, and submitting grades in Marynet.

Guide to using My MU Plan as an advisor.

Change of Grade Forms

Change of grade forms are available through your dean’s office. Change forms must be approved by the associate dean. At this time, you must submit the change of grade for I (Incomplete) grades manually on the paper form.

Data Request

Data requests with the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness maybe submitted through their website.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and its amendments are designed to protect the confidentiality of educational records maintained by institutions. FERPA is also designed to give students access to their records to assure accuracy. Read more information on the specifics of FERPA from the Council on Law in Higher Education.

The following FAQs are designed to help guide faculty as they interact with students. These are not final rules and should be used as a guideline only.

What is Directory Information?

Directory information is information that the University is allowed to release without permission from the student. This information includes:

  • A student’s name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address (for verification purposes only)
  • Student’s date and place of birth
  • Student’s major field of study
  • Student’s dates of attendance
  • Student’s grade level and enrollment status (undergraduate and graduate and full- or part-time)
  • Student’s participation in officially recognized activities or sports
  • Height and weight of student-athletes
  • Student’s degrees, honors (including Dean’s List), and awards received
  • Student’s most recent education agency or institution attended.

When a student calls me on the phone can I share grade information with him?

No. Do not release grade information over the phone or via e-mail. You can discuss grades with students only if they are speaking with you in person. Upon request of the student, you can also mail information about the student’s grades to his or her home address.

When I am advising via e-mail what kind of information can I give to the student?

While advising a student via e-mail you cannot be specific about a grade that student received nor can you be specific about a class that student has taken in the past. Neither of these items are considered directory information. When discussing future classes with an advisee you can be specific since you are suggesting classes for the student to take.

If a student and his parent or other acquaintance comes to my office can I discuss the student’s records in front of the parent?

Yes. If the student does not ask the person to leave they have granted that third-party permission to be a part of the discussion. The privilege in this case would belong to the student. It is recommended that you ask the student if he minds if the third party stays.

What information can I release to the parent of a student?

Only directory information can be released to a parent if they ask. See above list of directory information. Things such as progress in a course, midterm grades, final grades and attendance records are all examples of personally identifiable information, which cannot be released.

What if the student has said they have a release on file?

The Registrar’s Office is the central repository for student information releases. If a parent tells you that their student has a release on file please contact the Registrar’s Office at (703) 284-1520; the office will be able to verify for you whether or not this is true. Once you verify that a release is on file you can have the same discussion with the parent that you can have with the student, but you still cannot release grades over the phone or via e-mail.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions about FERPA and student privacy?

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at (703) 284-1520 or via e-mail if you have further questions.

Other FAQs

Incomplete Contracts

Available through your dean’s office. Keep the copy for your own records. Do NOT forward them to the Registrar’s Office. Incomplete grades cannot be submitted through Marynet. ‘I’ grades are converted to F grades on the day after the deadline for submission of grades for the next semester (see Change of Grade Form information).

Independent Study Contracts

Available through your dean’s office. Independent Study Contracts must be approved by the dean. A copy with all the necessary signatures must be sent to the Registrar’s Office for the class to be added to the schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to register for the class. The same add/drop deadlines and rules apply to Independent Studies.

Room Requests

The Office of the Registrar will now be using Astra* to request events.

Astra Event Online Instructions:

  • Go to the MU Portal and login.
  • Astra is found under Sign On Links.
  • Click Astra – Room Request
  • You will then see headers marked Calendars, Rooms, Featured Links. Click Request Events under Calendars if it’s listed. If nothing is listed under these headings, just click Login in the upper right-hand corner.
  • You DO NOT have to enter your username/password. Just select the location you want from the drop-down menu (only select either – Bal and MC), then click submit.
  • Next, click Request Events. Fill out Event Information for all required sections. Fill in the Event Name and Attendance (note: the attendance must not go over the number of seats the room can hold or it will not show up in the list of available rooms). The Privacy level will always be Public. The Event Type will be either Meeting or Classroom. The Customer Type will be Campus Affiliated. Put your contact information to receive your confirmation email, no address is needed. Then hit Continue.
  • Select either a Recurring Meeting (more than one day) or a Single Meeting.
  • Fill in Meeting information and hit Submit. No setup/tear down time is needed.
  • Click Pick Rooms and hit Continue.
  • Under Building, select REIN from the drop-down menu. It will bring up all rooms in the Reinsch Library. Click Select to choose your desired room.
  • Click Assign. It will show the room you selected. You are done. You can now click Submit event or if you want to add another meeting you can click Recurring Meetings or Single Meeting.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Reports

You may obtain a copy of the Transfer Credit Evaluation Report for your student advisees through My MU Pan.