Honors Program Requirements

  • Honors students must maintain a GPA of ≥ 3.50 overall to maintain Honors benefits, including Honors scholarships.  If a student’s cumulative GPA dips below 3.50, then that student will be placed on Probation.  The Probation will only last for one semester, at the end of which the student must have raised their cumulative GPA to ≥ 3.50 or they will be required to the leave the program and forfeit all Honors benefits.
  • To complete the program, Honors students are required to earn at least 24 Honors credits from the required courses and must also earn at least a B in each Honors course.  Any student earning less than a B in an Honors course will not receive Honors credit for that course and will be placed on Probation for the following semester.
  • Honors students may fulfill 3 Honors Seminar credits by completing one graduate course (seniors with instructor’s permission) or an Honors Contract Course (juniors/seniors with instructor’s permission).
  • To be recognized as an Honors Program Scholar upon graduation, the student must successfully write and publicly defend their Honors Thesis.
  • Ideally participants should complete one Honors course per semester.  Students will be permitted to enroll in a maximum of two Honors courses per semester.
  • If a student withdraws from or fails to complete the agreed upon requirements for an Honors course, or earns lower than a B, they will not receive Honors credit for that course.
  • Honor students are required to be active members of the Honors Program community, and attend at least two program events each semester, including lectures, field trips, socials, and other students’ theses defenses.