The Honors Program is comprised of 24 Honors credits. Through tutorials and seminars, Honors students are challenged to synthesize information across disciplines, developing a broad awareness of knowledge connectedness. Honors students are challenged to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom in ways that provide stewardship and service to the Marymount and the global community. The Honors Program, through its academic and extracurricular programs, encourages initiative, responsibility, integrity, and collaboration among its students.

The Honors curriculum is as follows:

HON 101 The Quest: Introduction to the Honors Program (3 credits)
Three Honors Seminars (9 credits)
HON 200 Traditional Tutorial (3 credits)
HON 300 Advanced Tutorial (3 credits)
HON 399 Research Tutorial: Thesis Proposal (3 credits)
HON 400 Research Tutorial: Honors Thesis (3 credits)

Typical Timeline

Freshman year

Fall: HON 101 – The Quest – Introduction to the Honors Program
Spring: First Advanced Seminar

Sophomore year

Fall: HON 200 Traditional Tutorial
Spring: Second Advanced Seminar

Junior year

Fall: HON 300 Advanced Tutorial
Spring: HON 399 Thesis Proposal: Research Tutorial

Senior year

Fall: HON 400 Honors Thesis: Research Tutorial
Spring: Third Advanced Seminar and Honors Thesis Defense

For detailed descriptions of these courses, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog.