Administration and Supervision Internships & Careers


Students who seek the licensure endorsement in “Administration and Supervision PK-12” complete a 320-hour internship. Throughout their courses, students gather experience in some of the major areas of school administration. During the final semester, students work with their on-site advisor, usually a principal or superintendent of schools, to acquire a diversity of experiences that are aligned with national standards of leadership. Since our students have come from more than 30 states across the U.S. as well as a number of other countries, from France to Uganda, each student arranges the internship experiences with local PK-12 schools and with the permission of the Administration and Supervision program coordinator. Students also create a portfolio of their work using specified guidelines.


The M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision program is primarily designed to prepare graduates to serve as a PK-12 principal or assistant principal in a public, private, or Catholic school. In addition to serving as principals, graduates of the program serve as leaders for other aspects of their school’s administration; for instance, some graduates are Athletic Directors or Director of Special Education or Curriculum & Instruction. Many students come to Marymount’s program seeking the M.Ed. to complement their current role in school administration, while others are teachers identified with leadership abilities who are then qualified to serve in various school administrative areas. Leadership skills are essential to every profession and we look forward to enhancing and supplementing your knowledge and experiences to better serve your career aspirations.