Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

“The Administration and Supervision Program at Marymount University gave me a better understanding of how the Catholic faith makes a leader ready for any challenge, become realistic in expectations, and hopeful in every circumstance.  Every professor is excellent and one becomes part of a community filled with enthusiasm and joy.  I am especially grateful for this program for creating enduring relationships and friendships that are grounded in the love of Christ.”

Theology Department Chair, St. Paul VI Catholic High School, Chantilly, VA


Alumni Testimonials

“The courses and structure of Marymount’s Catholic School Leadership Program set you up for success in being a school leader. They hit every aspect of decision-making, both big and small; and helped me determine what type of leader I am. The frame-work of the program is integral to its success; by establishing cohorts, the students form cohesive groups that move beyond the classroom. Oftentimes I have found myself reaching out to those who were in my cohort to get a different perspective, or even to find out how they might do things in a different part of the country. The Marymount professors are knowledgeable and bring real life experiences to the classroom setting. They are approachable, and willing to help students, recognizing that a student’s attention may be split by school or family. Most importantly, the Catholic Leadership Program instilled Faith as a guiding principle for school administrators. Not a day goes by that I do not see the necessity of relying on Jesus as a model of steward leadership. I am grateful to Marymount’s CSLP for providing me with the tools to feel confident as I continue my career in Catholic education.”

ANN REID, Class of 2017
Assistant Principal, Diocese of Arlington


Alumni Testimonials“Several years ago, I graduated from Marymount’s Catholic School Leadership Program and it changed everything for me! While enrolled in the program, I put into action the skills I was learning from Sister Patricia, her team, and my cohort. Though no program could have prepared educators for a pandemic, I continue to rely heavily on the CSLP competencies that taught us to think critically about any situation. My school stakeholders have faith in my consistent, transparent direction. I am grateful for the CSLP program that gave me roots and wings to lead my school during peaceful and challenging times.”
KAREN CLAY, M.Ed., Class of 2013
Principal, St. Peter School, Capitol Hill, National Blue Ribbon School


Alumni Testimonials“My experience at Marymount in the Catholic School Leadership program prepared me for the various roles I have taken at my current school as well as for the future. I am the coordinator for the New Teacher program as well as the Mentor Teacher program at my school as well as serve as a liaison between the faculty and administration. The perspectives I gained through the program have been crucial to running those programs effectively and providing guidance to the new teachers in the building. As a theology major and religious studies teacher, the Catholic focus of the program was what initially drew me in. The importance placed on contemplation and prayer as the starting point to decision making, I believe, is vital to being an effective leader. “
JP BOLDT –  Class of 2015
New Teacher and Mentor Coordinator at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School (Olney, MD)


Alumni Testimonials“As a principal, during and immediately after completing the program, it gave me the confidence I needed to lead my school in a new direction – more focused on our mission and the true vision of what excellent Catholic education should be. As a superintendent, I am able to use the knowledge and skills gained through the program to provide my principals with the inspiration and foundations needed to heroically lead their schools.”

Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Gallup, NM


Alumni Testimonials“The program provided me with meaningful experiences to ensure that, as I transitioned to the main office, I was prepared for the role of principal. Working as a classroom instructor while taking graduate classes can be a challenge, but the flexibility of the online coursework played a significant role in my being able to fully participate in Marymount’s program.”

Principal, St. Gregory The Great Catholic School, Bluffton, SC


Alumni Testimonials

“Marymount’s graduate program in Catholic School Leadership was integral to my formation as both an instructional and spiritual leader in Catholic schools. It challenged me to be reflective practitioner grounded in a deep prayer life and commitment to ongoing conversion. I am truly grateful to the faculty of the Catholic School Leadership program for empowering me to actualize my potential.”

Director of Evangelization and Catholic Identity, Office of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Chicago, IL


Alumni Testimonials
“The Marymount University Catholic School Leadership Program was instrumental in my educational formation obtaining a leadership position in Catholic school education. The diverse topics prepared me well for issues I face daily. But I am most grateful for the spiritual guidance this program afforded me, then and now, as a spiritual leader in my decision process concerning my students and school community.”

Head of School, Paul VI Catholic High School, Fairfax, VA