The Nursing Workforce Scholarship Program – New For Spring 2024!


The Nursing Workforce Scholarship of $10,000 is available to all students who are admitted to Marymount’s on-ground ABSN program beginning in the Spring 2024 semester. This is a highly selective and merit-based opportunity available for a limited time!


This scholarship is available to incoming students starting in the Spring 2024 term, and those who qualify are eligible to receive 10% off tuition until they graduate from the program. This is a limited-time, merit-based scholarship, so enroll now!

“This scholarship embodies Marymount’s dedication to developing highly skilled nurses able to provide high-quality and culturally responsive care to improve the health and wellness of our community.” — Dr. Andrew Wolf, Director of the Malek School of Nursing Professions

As the nation grapples with the ever-increasing nursing shortage, Marymount University continues to collaborate with local health care institutions to address this crisis. As a result of these efforts, Marymount is able to provide this scholarship, starting in the Spring 2024 term, for both undergraduate students in our on-ground ABSN program and our online graduate students. This scholarship aims to alleviate the financial burden on incoming Nursing students, no matter their background. Combined with the University’s commitment to diversity and social justice, Marymount seeks to not only augment the number of nurses but to also diversify the profession.

For more information on other scholarship opportunities, please visit Marymount’s Financial Aid webpage.