Our Residency Experience Gives You Authentic FNP Practice

Lauded as one of the most exciting parts of the nursing curriculum, Marymount’s residency program prepares nursing students in applying holistic care, knowledge and skills in a real setting.

The on-campus residency occurs at the end of the advanced health assessment course (NUF 500) for 5 days. Intentionally placed at these points in the curriculum, professors assess your clinical skills set for safe, effective practice as advanced practice nurses in primary care.

FNP Residency Experience

Your Residency

This residency includes an in-person practice to clarify and refine advanced health assessment skills acquired during your advanced health assessment course.  Professors (all advanced practice nurses) will demonstrate a head-to-toe physical examination and work with you in modeling appropriate techniques. Following practice, you will perform an evaluated head-to-toe physical examination. A passing score is required for advancement into your first course associated with a clinical practicum, NUF 501.

The residency also provides an opportunity to work with genitourinary teaching assistants.  These trained professionals will assist you in performing the following examinations under their expert supervision:

  • GYN
  • Breast
  • Prostate
  • Rectal
  • Testicular

Interactive Highlights

  • Play the leadership and systems-based game, “Friday Night in the ER”
  • Meet fellow students and faculty outside the classroom environment in an organized social gathering

FNP Residency Experience