Art B.A.

Marymount’s B.A. in Art focuses on creating, studying, and evaluating art, and capitalizes on Marymount’s easy access to the many art galleries and museums in the greater Washington, DC, region.


Foundation courses in design and drawing introduce basic skills of observation and visual communication, and are open to all Marymount students. After completing foundation courses, art majors broaden their studio experience by applying their skills in a range of artistic media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. These studio courses provide rigorous training in the necessary skills for creating art, and introduce students to a world of visual problem-solving and craft that are widely applicable in todays job market.

Our introductory art history courses supply a background in the traditions of visual art, and our advanced courses focus on smaller sets of works from local museums. These classes give students the skills they need to analyze works of art in greater detail, and provide valuable training in how works of art communicate visual messages.

Art majors also take classes to help them develop and present a professional portfolio of works, and develop skills for working in a professional arts environment. You will create a body of work that is evaluated by departmental faculty and juried for a small-group public exhibition on campus, and complete an internship in a regional art agency, gallery, or museum

Students earning a B.A. in Art can also pursue degree tracks that lead to professional careers, including Art Education, Pre-Art Therapy, and Arts Administration. The B.A. in Art also leaves majors with enough elective credits to earn a minor or double major, opening particular career paths in the arts, or to continue honing their artistic skills.

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