Art (B.A.)

The Department of Fine Arts offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree programs in Art and Art Education, pre-professional tracks in Pre-Art Therapy and Arts Administration, plus minors in Studio Art, Ceramics, Illustration, and Art History; we also host classes in Music and Dance.


Our studio art classes are designed to improve your skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics, and our art history classes will help you analyze how great works of art have communicated ideas. Together these classes help you develop a strong set of talents and competencies that employers are looking for in today’s economy.

Fine Arts classes are open to all students who want to create or study visual art, music, and dance. All of our classes capitalize on the thriving art community in the greater Washington, D.C. and Mid-Atlantic region. Students in any fine arts class can expect outings to museums, galleries, and arts organizations, and enjoy visits to campus from artists, scholars, and institutional representatives.


Required Coursework

  • AH 380 – Movements in Modern Art
  • AH 410 – Topics in Art History
  • ART 205 – Drawing II
  • ART 209 – Figure Drawing
  • ART 211 – Printmaking
  • ART 213 – Painting
  • ART 400 – Internship
  • ART 422 – Senior Project
  • VIS 101 – User Centered Design
  • VIS 111 – Intro to Color and Design
  • VIS 112 – Drawing I
  • VIS 121 – Intro to Digital Tools
  • VIS 214 – Three-Dimensional Design
  • VIS 224 – Digital Publishing
  • VIS 327 – Portfolio

Art History

Select one (1) course, choosing from the following:
  • AH 201 – Intro to Art History: Ancient to Medieval
  • AH 202 – Intro to Art History: Renaissance to Modern

Art Ceramics Studio

Select one (1) course, choosing from the following:
  • ART 107 – Hand-Built Ceramics
  • ART 215 – Wheel-Thrown Ceramics
  • ART 222 – Mold Making and Slip Casting

Art Advanced Studio

Select one (1) course, choosing from the following:
  • ART 395 – Advanced 2D Studio
  • ART 396 – Advanced Ceramics and 3D Studio