Business Administration M.B.A. Program Requirements

Degree Requirements

36 credits

Courses are listed in recommended sequence of enrollment.

  • MBA 511 Management Foundations
  • MBA 512 Accounting for Managers
  • MBA 514 Business Analytics
  • MBA 515 Management in Organizations
  • MBA 516 Business Law and Ethics
  • MBA 517 Leading in Business
  • MBA 519 Operations Management
  • MBA 520 Economics for Managers
  • MBA 521 Marketing Concepts and Practice
  • MBA 522 Corporate Finance
  • MBA 585 Global Business Experience
  • MBA 626 Strategic Management Seminar

Optional Program Specialties

Our modular approach to graduate business education allows us to provide unique specialization opportunities for students pursuing an MBA. Students can add a three-course module to their MBA program in these key areas of employer demand: intrapreneurship, leadership and data analytics. Specializations are one of our many ways that our graduates can demonstrate the attainment of skills that are marketable and advance their careers or meaningfully change their career trajectory.

Data Analytics Specialty

9 Additional Credits

Our multidisciplinary approach to education allows us to provide various opportunities for students to combine business and technology education in a single degree pathway. Our specialization in data analytics, allows MBA graduates to gain important insights into data analysis. More and more often effective management is driven by data – making an understanding of how data is gathered and analyzed essential. The Data Analytics Specialization includes the following courses:

  • IT 540: Enterprise Data Management and Analysis
  • IT 546: Principles of Data Science
  • HRM 586: People Analytics

Leadership Specialty

9 Additional Credits

Now more than ever business success requires the management of distributed teams by people how are adept at forging consensus, creating visions and defining success. Business success requires leaders.  We provide an opportunity for our students to gain essential insights into effective leadership, and develop the skills to be a “go to” member of a team, or lead teams to succeed. The Leadership Specialization includes the following courses:

  • MGT 502: Leading Collaboration and Innovation
  • MGT 590: Organization Policy and Strategy
  • OD 521: Organizational Development Change and Strategy

Intrapreneurship Specialty

9 Additional Credits

We launched our Marymount Intrapreneurship Initiative in the Fall 2019 to address a significant talent gap in the What’s Next Economy – graduates who are prepared to use their entrepreneurial skills to help their employers develop new products and services to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing digital world. Whether it is government, larger businesses, startups or not-for-profits, hiring managers agree that they need workers who are creative, agile and adaptable. Our intrapreneurship program is designed to help our students gain and demonstrate these important attributes. The Intrapreneurship Specialization includes the following courses:

  • INN 510: Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • INN 520: Intrapreneurship

Any one of the following:

  • INN 530: Strategic Growth for Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs
  • INN 540: Emerging Business Formation and Financing
  • INN 550: Adaptive Leadership