Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Business, Innovation, Leadership, and Technology!

We live in a challenging time, but here at the College of Business, Innovation, Leadership, and Technology (BILT), we are focusing on the future, the “What’s Next Economy,” and creating opportunities for those with determination and commitment.

Why Marymount? We are the only school in the Greater Washington region that combines our schools of Business, Technology and Innovation, and Design and Art into a truly unique one-stop shop for developing multidisciplinary skills. With a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs, we provide pathways for students to combine creativity, technology understanding, business insights, entrepreneurial attitudes and leadership skills to become valued leaders and employees in the “What’s Next Economy.”

Our approach is based on three principles: modularity, efficiency, and resiliency. Modularity means that our programs can be tailored to student goals. Efficiency means we offer many accelerated programs that can be completed quicker without reducing credit hours or academic rigor. Resiliency means our programs combine intimate synchronous and asynchronous face-to-face online learning with in-person meetings.

I encourage you to look at our webpages for more detailed information. We have designed programs for challenging times and optimizing talent for the “What’s Next Economy” with its focus on new business models, advanced technology, innovation and leadership. These programs will provide the educational advantages that students need to succeed and thrive in careers with unlimited scope. We are here to make a difference for our students so they can make a difference for others.

If you are interested in learning more after reviewing our website, please email us at Our team is happy to answer your questions and help apply our approach to student educational and career objectives. Now more than ever, the right educational decision is the best next step in building a career that is personally enriching and rewarding.

Best regards,

Dr. Soumya Sivakumar

Interim Dean and Associate Professor

College of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology

Marymount University

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