Be an innovative leader in a dynamic, changing industry

Few industries have been more affected by the COVID pandemic than hospitality. The pandemic has prompted enormous, rapid changes in how the industry uses technology, data and real estate. New approaches are being adopted quickly, and even more are needed. There’s a premium on new leaders who can marshal creativity, innovative thinking, data analysis, and business or technical skills. This is Marymount University’s BILT model of education applied.

An Exciting Partner – Placemakr

Hospitality and Innovation

Now, Marymount University’s College of Business, Innovation, Leadership, and Technology (BILT) is partnering with Placemakr, an emerging leader in innovative business approaches in the hospitality industry, to offer a path to a successful career in Hospitality and Innovation. 

The Hospitality and Innovation “living lab” will be located next to Marymount University’s Ballston campus.

As a creative and data-driven company, Placemakr’s approach to the hospitality industry aligns with ours. Our partnership includes working with a Placemakr hotel right next to MU’s Ballston campus, just a short drive from the metro D.C. area, one of the top hospitality markets in the United States. With a large selection of international hospitality brands nearby, there is an ever growing demand for a new kind of leader that will emerge from our program.  

How will our partnership work?  Placemakr will be our “living lab” for Marymount’s Hospitality and Innovation program. Students interning with Placemakr will engage in hands-on innovative business model projects. They’ll work with real world data and regularly interact with Placemakr’s senior leadership. 

Choose from 2 graduate foundations to build your program

There are 2 ways to complete our Hospitality and Innovation Program. Both include core courses in Design Thinking, Business Intelligence, Strategy, and Analytics- through the prism of the hospitality industry.

From there, choose from a Master’s in Business Administration or Master’s in Information Technology. Through these academic pathways, our students graduate with a strong foundation in business or technology, coupled with the insights into innovation they’ll need to be leaders in an exciting and changing industry.

Hospitality Innovation Specialization

12 Credits

INN 510 Entrepreneurial Thinking


HRM 586 People Analytics


MGT 573 Hospitality Industry: Innovation, Strategy, and Design Thinking


MGT 575 Hospitality Industry: Analytics and Business Intelligence


Unique Program Features

Education is more than what is learned in the classroom. We will build your skill set through experiences and real-world application.

The Dean’s Innovation Fellowship: An investment in your career 

Students enrolled in Marymount’s Hospitality and Innovation Program are eligible for the Dean’s Innovation Fellowship, a unique approach to career advancement. The DIF has the following benefits:

  • Access to up to $5,000 in funding that can be used to support experiential learning and application of the skills developed in the student’s academic program, as approved by the Dean. Some suggested uses are:
    • Travel to other cities for internships or work-study opportunities
    • Attend industry conferences
    • Take part in prototype development of an innovative product or service
  • Access to the Dean for career advice and networking opportunities
  • Priority access to networking & career development events targeted on innovation
  • Unique work-study opportunities

Take the next step toward a rewarding career in Hospitality and Innovation