Focus on Sustainability

Marymount’s Catholic heritage calls for us to promote stewardship of the Earth. To unite the University in this common purpose and to encourage new initiatives, Marymount has made sustainability a special focus of the campus community.

What Does “Sustainability” Mean?

This term can be interpreted in many ways. We are choosing to think of it broadly, as balancing our ecological, societal, and economic environments in a way that allows us to meet our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

  • Ecological – Protecting the quality of the environment by recycling and reusing; reducing waste and energy use; producing, packaging, and consuming foods in ways that reduce environmental damage and animal suffering; and preserving our water
  • Economic – Examining and supporting economic approaches that are sustainable and treat people and the environment with respect.
  • Societal – Focusing on promoting and sustaining individual and community/national/global well-being. This encompasses healthy lifestyle and social justice issues.