Art – Minors

Fine Arts hosts four minor programs that are open to students from any major. Each minor can help train you for a career as a professional artist, open career paths in an arts-related field, prepare you for the graduate school education that is necessary for other careers, or simply allow you to pursue your love of art.


Studio Art Minor (cannot be combined with a B.A. in Art)

The Studio Art minor is designed specifically for students from other majors, and it can lead to particular careers for those majors. For example, a Biology major might earn this minor to pursue a career in Medical or Scientitic Illustration; a Chemistry major might begin preparing to become a Conservator or Art Restorer; a Psychology major might use these classes to become an Art Therapist (we also offer a major track in Pre-Art Therapy); or an Information Technology or Media Design major might become more competitive as a web designer.

Ceramics Minor

Students from any major, including Art, can use a Ceramics minor to pursue a career as a professional Ceramicist. A Ceramics minor would also help students who want to prepare themselves to become a Product Designer and Prototyper.

Illustration Minor

Students from any major, including Art, can earn an Illustration minor to pursue a career in Advertising Art, Book Illustration, Video Game Design, Production Design And Art Direction, or Storyboarding for film and video.

Art History Minor

Students from any major can earn an Art History minor to begin preparing themselves for careers in Museum Education, Docenting and Tour Guiding, Art Gallery Management, College Teaching, and Museum Curating. An Art History minor can also help prepare students for graduate school, which is required for many of these careers.

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