Dual Business Admin./Cybersecurity (M.B.A./M.S.)

The M.B.A./M.S. in cybersecurity dual-degree program is designed for students looking to meet the growing needs of today’s business and government environments where cybersecurity is now a major business consideration. This dual degree will prepare students for management and executive-level positions by enabling them to understand the context of cybersecurity in business and government.

The need for cybersecurity education is an imperative at all levels and is widely noted in popular press releases. While the emphasis has previously been on cybersecurity technologists, there is more and more evidence that cybersecurity is also becoming a business problem.

As an M.S. Cybersecurity/M.B.A. dual degree student at Marymount, you will learn how to respond to the following pressing problems and brief your board members accordingly:

  • How does our organization respond to a security breach?
  • What type of investment should be made to protect our organization’s systems and data?
  • Is cyber-insurance necessary and, if so, how do we determine how much?
  • How would we know if our supply chain is secure?

Upon successful completion of all dual degree requirements, students will receive both an M.B.A. and an M.S. in cybersecurity. Students successfully completing both degrees will achieve the outcomes of each of these two programs.

Admission Requirements

Students in the dual degree program must meet the requirements of the M.B.A. and the M.S. in cybersecurity program.

Minimum Grade Requirements

For students in dual degree programs, the minimum grade requirement for each degree remains in effect. A minimum grade of C is required in order to receive credit for a course in this dual degree program. All graduate students in the School of Business Administration must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Dual Degree Requirements

57 credits

Courses are listed in recommended sequence of enrollment.

  • MBA 511 Management Foundations
  • MBA 514 Business Analytics
  • MBA 515 Management of Organizations
  • MBA 520 Economics for Manager
  • MBA 512 Accounting for Managers
  • ​MBA 521 Marketing Concepts and Practice
  • MBA 522 Corporate Finance
  • MBA 519 Operations Management
  • MBA 523 Business Problem Solving
  • MBA 517 Leading in Business
  • MBA 585 Global Business Experience
  • IT 504 Cybersecurity Technology for Managers
  • IT 570 Cybersecurity: Law, Policy, Ethics and Compliance
  • IT 557 Monitoring, Auditing, and Penetration Testing
  • IT 567 Global Cybersecurity
  • IT 575 Information Security Management
  • IT577 Human Considerations in Cybersecurity or IT547 Security and Privacy of Electronic Documents
  • MBA 626 Strategic Management Seminar
  • IT 680 IT Master’s Project

Admissions Coordinator Contact Information:

Taslima Islam
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions