Transcript Requests

All transcripts issued are official. No unofficial transcripts will be issued by the Office of the Registrar. Current students may view and print their unofficial transcript through My MU Plan. You must clear any financial restrictions, including Student Accounts holds, from your record before any transcript request will be processed. If your hold has not been cleared within thirty days of submission of your transcript request (or you fail to notify the Office of the Registrar that your hold has been lifted within thirty days of submission of your transcript request), your request will be cancelled and you will need to submit a new request once your hold has been lifted.

Official Transcripts

Current students can request electronic and/or hard copy transcripts through the Marymount University Portal by clicking the “Order my Transcripts” link under the “Sign On Links” menu. Former students can also request transcripts electronically through Parchment Storefront. Prices vary by type of transcript/delivery method and are listed in the Parchment Storefront.

Phone and chat support for online ordering is available through Parchment Support.

Expedited and International Delivery Services:

Students may request hard copy transcripts sent via FedEx through the Parchment Storefront. Shipping costs will vary based on the service requested and delivery location.

Resend Policy

One courtesy resend will be sent upon request at least 14 calendar days after the original send date. All requests must be made within 30 calendar days of the original request. A change to the original address will require a new address.