Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a collaborative, inclusive process that is open to all students throughout each aspect of their University experience. Marymount creates a culture of student engagement grounded in the foundational tenets of intellectual curiosity, service to others, and global perspective. We aim to develop well-rounded individuals with the knowledge, skills, capacity, and desire to lead, who feel empowered to share their leadership gifts in their ongoing journey as global citizens, cultivating positive social change.

The Office of Leadership and Learning provides opportunities for students to grow as leaders and to develop leadership skills that can be used during and beyond their college years. Our goals include:

  • Outreach to students who are elected to, appointed to, or hired in a formal leadership position, such as a club officer, peer mentor, or community advisor
  • Providing leadership workshops and training for students who are interested in cultivating their leadership skills and knowledge
  • Encouraging students to think about their leadership experiences, and use reflection and critical thinking to understand how those experiences fit into their personal and professional plans and goals for the future
  • Developing reflective, committed, civic-minded, ethical leaders for today and tomorrow

Positional Leadership Opportunities at Marymount

Marymount provides wide array of positional opportunities for students to develop as leaders and individuals. Some examples include:

  • Orientation Leaders
  • Student Organization Executive Board
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Marymount University Student Government Association
  • Resident Assistants