The CARE Team supports student health and well-being by helping students navigate the challenges that arise throughout their college career. As an interdisciplinary group of staff and faculty, the CARE Team connects students to on-campus resources, empowering them to thrive and prosper during their time at Marymount and beyond.

The CARE Team accepts referrals from students, their families, faculty and staff when concerns for students’ health, well-being and safety are identified.

Referral Guide:

By fostering collaborative relationships with University departments and maintaining open lines of communication with previously identified and referred students, their families, faculty and staff, the CARE Team makes a commitment to educating the University community about existing policies and instructing community members on how to address students in crisis.

To learn more about how to recognize indicators of stress, how to respond appropriately, or how to refer, we have created a Referral Guide. Please click below to view the Referral Guide.


Most Common CARE Referrals:

  • There are perceived concerns regarding mental health such as anxiety, depression, grief/loss
  • There are perceived concerns towards self-harm (For crisis, please call 911)
  • A student is suffering from or dealing with the side effects of a serious illness
  • There is a decline in academic work which is perceived to be related to health or wellness

CARE Team Members:

The CARE Team is coordinated through the Office of Wellness and is made up of the following members:
  • Case Manager, Office of Wellness (Chair)
  • Assistant Professor, Business
  • Assistant Professor, Interior Design
  • Associate Professor, English
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Adjunct Professor, Nursing
  • Assistant Professor, Information Technology
  • ​Student Advisor, International Student Services & Scholars
  • Administrative Assistant, Student Living & Student Engagement 
  • Assistant Vice President, Student Success
  • Director, Student Counseling Services
  • Nurse Practitioner, Student Health Services
  • Assistant Athletics Director, Sports Performance
  • Assistant Director, Center for Career Development


CARE Team Chair, Judy Ortega
(703) 526-6541

CARE Referral Process:

Once a CARE Referral has been submitted, what happens? We typically will conduct our initial outreach to the student within 48 hours to support their health and well-being and to provide additional services as needed. Out outreaches consist of an email and two (2) subsequent phone calls to the student. All students that come through CARE will receive information on on-campus and off-campus resources.

To visualize and learn more about we created a CARE Referral flowchart. Please click below to view the CARE Referral Process Flowchart.


If you have an urgent question after hours, please call Campus Safety at (703) 284-1600 or 911 if there’s an emergency.