Reporting a Violation

Any member of the Marymount University community may make a report of an alleged violation of the Student Community Conduct Code. Students who live in housing are encouraged to first file a report with their Resident Assistant. If your RA is unable to assist, you should escalate to your Assistant Coordinator or other Student Living staff member.

All other Marymount University and Arlington County community members are encouraged to report violations to Campus Safety. They may be contacted by phone at (703) 284-1600.

Reporting Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct

Marymount University understands that individuals who have experienced sexual or interpersonal misconduct may have a greater desire for privacy and/or simply wish to explore their options. As such, Marymount University has created a Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct/Title IX website which provides detailed information on confidential resources and reporting options, as well as, the special policies that apply to these cases.

As a community of care and concern, Marymount University encourages all members to be active bystanders by getting assistance, intervening, and/or reporting interpersonal and sexual violence.