Saints Act: Medical Amnesty Policy 


Marymount University is committed to the development of a safe and healthy educational environment. As a community, it is imperative that we work together and report concerns for the safety and welfare of students. The University recognizes that possible consequences within the conduct system may deter students from promptly reporting alcohol and drug-related medical concerns to those in a position to assist. This policy is designed to remove barriers to reporting while supporting the University’s commitment to community safety.


This policy applies to students who:

  1. Call for medical assistance for another person;
  2. Receive medical assistance related to the consumption or use of alcohol or drugs; or
  3. Are bystanders

Students acting under this policy will not be referred to the University conduct system provided:

  • The alleged violations of University policy:
    1. Are non-violent, and
    2. Do not create a significant concern for the safety or welfare of the community, and
    3. Are not potentially felony criminal acts.
  • The request for assistance is initiated by a student, not a student-employee, faculty member, or staff member acting in their official capacity.
  • Students do not impede or interfere with personnel responding to the situation.
  • Students complete the follow-up meetings or actions required by the University administration.

Utilizing this Policy

Students seeking help for others should call Campus Safety at 703-284-1600 and describe the nature of the emergency. Campus Safety will respond and assess the situation. Students who believe that there is a need for immediate medical attention should call 911 directly and then Campus Safety.

If a student received Medical Amnesty for a prior incident or has prior alcohol violations, the availability of amnesty is at the discretion of the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. Additionally, Medical Amnesty applies only to alcohol and other drug violations under the Student Community Conduct Code and does not eliminate the possibility that other charges may be issued against students to address other prohibited conduct such as assault, property damage, or distribution of illegal or illicit substances.

Follow Up

The University believes that this policy is part of a larger approach to addressing alcohol and drugs on-campus. Students will not be referred to the University conduct system provided that they complete follow-up meetings or actions required by the University administration. These may include but are not limited to meetings with administrators, attendance at educational programs, compensation for property damage, counseling screenings, and/or parental notification/involvement.

Saints Act: Medical Amnesty Policy Saints Act: Medical Amnesty Policy 

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