Training Info for Marymount University’s Student Counseling Services

Information about Training at the Marymount University Student Counseling Services:

Hours: 19-24/week; two and a half to three days/week; daytime hours (M-F, 9-5).

SCS attempts to offer as much flexibility as possible with regard to setting trainees’
individual schedules (given our space constraints) and therefore we encourage flexibility on the
part of trainees. We expect that trainees will maintain the same schedule for BOTH fall
AND spring semesters.

 Caseload: 10-12 clinical hours, which will include clients (6-8, maximum); intakes (1 per
week); walk-in experiences (1hr/week); and may include groups (co-led with either a staff
member or another trainee).

Outreach activities: trainees are expected to present twice on topics assigned by senior staff
and plan, organize and execute at least one campus-wide outreach activity during the training

Supervision: One hour of individual supervision & 1 hour of group supervision per week.
Clarify program requirements for supervision.

Didactic seminars or case conference: 90 minutes per week; seminars will involve information
& skills needed to work with college-aged populations regarding specific mental health issues.

Time will be set aside for lunch/breaks & case management.
Keys, computer access, email addresses, & voicemail will be provided. Parking tags will be
provided, as needed.

Start date: Classes at MU start at the end of August; trainees will be expected to attend a two day
orientation the week before classes start.

End date: early to mid-May (depending on the university class schedule); time will be set
aside to complete termination summaries.

 You are not required to be present during your academic institution’s winter break; however,
we expect you to be here at all other times unless arrangements have been made in advance
with the training coordinator and your clients.