2022-2023 Graduate Internship Program

2022/2023 Academic Year


Marymount University Counseling Services is excited to welcome applicants for our graduate trainee program.

Trainees will be selected from master’s-level Social Work and Counseling programs in the D.C. metro area. Due to our current staffing dynamics, we will not be accepting doctoral level students this year.  Masters level applicants must be entering their second year of course work. In choosing applicants, the training staff will consider previous counseling experience, unique
clinical skills, and the professional needs of both the applicant and the Counseling Center.  Each candidate’s application will be evaluated by all staff members. The most qualified
candidates will be asked to come to the Counseling Center for interviews. Final selection will be made on the basis of both the application and the interview. The application deadline is February 28, 2022.

Preferred candidates should have the following:
1. Interest in working with a college-aged population
2. At least one year of prior training or work experience,
preferably involving counseling/therapy
3. Familiarity with and interest in brief or time-limited
psychotherapeutic models
4. Interest in and experience with providing outreach activities
on mental health issues

Interested candidates should submit the following materials to the Training Coordinator:

  •  A self-descriptive cover letter describing and explaining your interest in this setting
    & training experience
  • A summary of completed/planned coursework
  • A CV or resume, outlining previous clinical, outreach, and/or non-classroom
    learning experiences
  • At least 1 letter of reference

If you have questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to reach out to our Director, Allana Taylor at (703) 526 6861 or ajtaylor@marymount.edu.