Overview of Services

Walk In Hours

Walk In sessions are  15 minute one on one consultations with one of the SCS Counselors.  Appointments are not required. Walk In sessions are great for students who are curious about the services offered at Student Counseling Services and would like to get more information;  students who have specific needs and would like to quickly problem solve resources and supports on campus or in the community; students who would like to quickly problem solve specific problems; and students who have a concern about a friend and want some guidance and support about how to support them.

Individual Counseling

Student Counseling Services provides individual counseling services to all students who are enrolled in at least one credit hour during a given semester. Individual counseling sessions are generally 45-50 minute-long weekly meetings, though this schedule can vary. Individual counseling at SCS is considered short term and goal-directed.  Students’ goals are discussed at Intake and revisited throughout treatment. Though 12 sessions is the maximum number allotted per student per year, in many cases clients do not need the full 12 sessions to make significant progress toward their goals. In these cases, counselor and client collaborate in formulating the treatment plan and timeline.

Group Counseling

SCS offers various groups during the fall and spring semesters. Unlike individual counseling, there is no session limit for groups. All groups are time-limited, given the cyclical nature of the academic calendar and the transitory nature of the student population; however some groups may be more time-limited than others, and some groups may carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester in a given academic year.

Groups are generally composed of three to eight students and one to two group facilitators.  Counselors are expected to develop and implement process, support, and psychoeducational groups based on demonstrated student needs and on the counselors’ own professional interests and areas of expertise. Counselors may choose to lead counseling groups alone, although it is recommended that counselors co-lead groups with another counselor or a trainee. Group counseling hours are considered part of the counselor’s direct-service provision. Time will be scheduled during weekly staff meetings to discuss pertinent issues regarding the groups being offered (e.g., recruitment of members, group viability, clinical issues emerging).

SCS offers three general types of groups: process groups, support groups, and psychoeducational groups.  Process groups: Process groups may have a theme (e.g. Understanding Self and Others) and are appropriate for a wide range of presenting concerns. Clients are encouraged to share concerns and goals with the group, set therapeutic goals, and give and receive in-the-moment interpersonal feedback that they can take with them and apply in other environments and relationships. Support groups: Support groups (e.g. Trauma Survivor Group) bring together clients dealing with a similar concern and allow them to connect with others, share their stories, and receive care support. Support groups generally do not involve as much challenging and feedback as process groups. Psychoeducational groups: Psychoeducational groups are structured groups (e.g. Anxiety Management) that generally involve a counselor presenting material and offering skills.

Crisis Management Services

SCS staff members provide assistance when members of the University community experience mental health crises. An SCS staff member is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist students in crisis or to consult with faculty and staff who are concerned about a student.

Psychiatric Services

Counselors regularly assess their clients for possible genetic/biological influences on behavior and take seriously the ethical duty to make appropriate referrals to psychiatric service providers when such influences are expected and/or discovered to negatively impact clients’ mental health. A limited number of psychiatric hours are available to all students through a part-time psychiatric provider employed by the Student Health Center (SHC). 

Outreach Services 

SCS staff members offer outreach activities throughout the academic year on topics related to mental health and personal growth. In addition to planned events, SCS staff members often tailor presentations to the needs or interests of particular audiences: classroom presentations, club meetings, residence hall floor programs, and so forth. To schedule an outreach presentation for your classroom, event or group, please fill out an Outreach Event Request Form, or e-mail SCS. Please fill out the request form and/or e-mail at least 2 weeks prior to the outreach request date. If there are any changes in the outreach request or you’d like to re-schedule/cancel the event, please reach out to us 48 hours before the scheduled outreach event. Thank you.