Information for Persons with Disabilities

Members of the Marymount community who have disabilities that could affect their safety in an emergency requiring evacuation, lockdown, or shelter in place must notify the appropriate campus office upon arrival at Marymount: students should contact Student Access Services at (703) 284-1538; employees should contact Human Resource Services at (703) 284-1680. Those who have a temporary disability (e.g. a broken leg) should also provide these offices with information about when the disability begins and ends (if applicable).

Student Access Services and Human Resource Services will work with individuals to determine the most effective and efficient emergency plan for them. Each semester, these offices will provide a log of individuals who might need assistance in an emergency (along with their regular schedules) to the Office of Campus Safety & Emergency Management.

When visitors to campus have disabilities that could affect their safety in an emergency, Campus Safety officers will ask about their needs and note where they will be on campus during their visit, as well as their anticipated time of departure.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to arrange a buddy system with friends or colleagues, who could serve as evacuation assistants. Without putting themselves at risk in an emergency, such assistants could help their friend out of a building, or provide rescue personnel with information about the person’s location and needs.