Class of 2024 Spotlight: Sofia Piscitello

Class of 2024 Spotlight: Sofia Piscitello


Psychology, with a Forensic Psychology minor


Cleveland, Ohio

Plans post-graduation?

I will attend University of Alaska Anchorage to obtain my Ph.D. in clinical-community psychology with a rural, indigenous emphasis.


What professional and personal opportunities have you had during your time at Marymount?

I attended the 95th annual Eastern Psychological Association Conference in Philadelphia with Dr. Stacy Lopresti-Goodman, and presented research on the reciprocal benefits of peer-to-peer teaching in a psychology laboratory. I also had the opportunity to work under former professor Dr. Brittany Ripper during the Marymount Discover Student Summer Research Fellowship, where we developed a national survey to investigate mental health statutes across solitary and congregate death row inmates. I also worked with Dr. Camille Buckner to create an independent research design examining the relationship between violent video game exposure and levels of irritability and stress in college students.

What is your favorite thing about Marymount?

Hands down, the psychology program. Every professor puts their heart and soul into everything they do. You can feel that they care for every student who passes through their doors and want nothing more than to see them succeed.

How has Marymount helped you grow as a person? 

By helping me foster resilience and learn more about who I am. This school has exposed me to many different perspectives and cultures, all of which have helped me learn more about the world around me. This school challenged me and tested my strength, but it also gave me the support to come out on the other end stronger.