Post-Award Roles and Responsibilities

                        Post-Award Roles and
    Primary Responsibility    Other         Collaborator(s)     Final Approval(s)
Review, negotiate, and accept the terms and conditions of an award or sub-award OSP In consultation with OGCC AOR/VP, Financial Affairs
Provide PI training, as applicable, on roles and responsibilities relative to grants management at Marymount University (MU) (i.e personnel, programmatic, and budget compliance) OSP OGCC for budgetary and financial compliance  
Prepare and distribute "Budget Load Memo" that summarizes the terms and conditions of the grant or other agreement OSP  OGCC; in consultation with PI  
Confirm that there is compliance regarding regulatory, ethical, and other approvals/requirements PI In consultation with OSP  
Develop and issue sub-recipient packages (including risk assessments of contracting institutions) (When MU issues sub-award) OSP OGCC ; PI  
Conduct and manage the research, program, or project according to the scope and objectives of the proposal and MU requirements PI    
Manage personnel working on the sponsored project PI OSP and OGCC  
Manage the grant budget, which includes authorizing all expenditures (except the PI's own salary); preparing and submitting requests for payment and personnel; and monitoring spending in each budget line.


OGCC to support budget monitoring efforts; OSP Budget Analyst for review of funding requests OSP to confirm allowability of items
Submit requests for budget modifications within or across major budget categories (i.e. personnel, travel, supplies etc.) PI In consultation with OSP  
Review and approve submitted requests for budget modification(s) that do not require sponsor's approval or require minor changes across spending categories OGCC In consultation with OSP OGCC
Determine if budget modifications reach a level that require the sponsor's approval OGCC In consultation with OSP  
Submit a budget modification (not associated with changes in the scope of the project) when a sponsor's approval is required OGCC PI; OSP OGCC
Submit requests to sponsors to initiate substantial changes to the scope of a project (before initiating any changes); the substantial changes are non-budgetary and require prior approval from the sponsor (i.e. requests for no-cost extensions, changes in Pls etc.) PI
(should prepare request)
OSP submits the request on behalf of the university AOR approves proposed modifications
Submit a single request which includes a change in the scope of the research, project, or scheduled deliverables and budget (when necessary) PI
(should prepare request)
OSP receives the request from the PI; OGCC reviews and approves budget and related financial elements of the request


Act as institutional liaison with sponsors on behalf of Marymount University and the PI OSP (non-financial issues); OGCC Post-Award financial issues    
Prepare payment and reimbursement form for grant spending OSP Budget Analyst OGCC for consultation  
Prepare invoices and drawdowns for receipt if funds OGCC    
Execute cost transfers/journal entries OGCC BO  
Conduct periodic monitoring of financial status of project accounts OGCC OSP; In consultation with PI  
Monitor sub-recepients' technical, performance to ensure scope of work is being followed and there is adherence to the timetable. PI OGCC; OSP if satisfactory performance is not being made  
Prepare and submit any technical, progress, or special reports as required by a sponsor PI OSP as consultant  
Prepare and submit fiscal reports as required by sponsor OGCC PI  
Distribute and collect effort certification from MU personnel (Each semester-3 times a year) OGCC PI; OSP for consultation  
Ensure that effort certification reports for all applicable grant personnel have been completed PI OGCC  
Grants Close-Out      
Resolve and budgetary discrepancies within the timeline specified by the funding agency OGCC PI; Budget Analyst  
Confirm that all financial, technical, invention, and other required reports have been submitted to sponsor prior to closing the program account OGCC PI; OSP for consultation   
Provide a final financial report on grant spending, with final reconciliation of budget(s), and ensure the return of any unspent funds to the sponsor OGCC PI; Budget Analyst  
Deactivate award in the financial accounting system OGCC BO  
Retain all award documentation in a manner that is consistent with the sponsor's and MU's record retention policies PI, OSP, OGCC