Roles and Responsibilities Matrices

Roles and Responsibilities for Sponsored Programs


This reference pertains to externally sponsored grants, contracts, and other awards and is principally intended to serve as guidance for Marymount University faculty and staff.

Basic Description of Roles:

PI-Principal Investigators: The individual who is responsible for overall technical direction and administrative management of the research or project.

OSP-Office of Sponsored Programs: Pre-Award functions; ethical compliance and disclosures; non-financial regulatory compliance; non-financial post-award administration; serves as institutional liaison with sponsors (Academic Affairs)

OGCC-Office of Grants, Contracts and Compliance: Post-Award financial administration, reporting, and financial regulatory compliance (Financial Affairs)

AOR-Authorized Organizational Representative: The designated University official(s) authorized to approve, submit, and ensure compliance with sponsors’ requirements, certifications, laws, and regulations governing sponsored programs and awards. The AOR and designees have signature authority to legally bind the University to sponsored program certifications, submissions, and award contracts.

VPFA-Vice President for Financial Affairs: The Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer for the University.

BO-Business Office