Strategic Plan Initiatives

Each of Momentum’s strategic plan initiatives will have a team of faculty, staff, and students who are responsible for its implementation.  Teams will vary in size and membership based on the specific charge of the strategic planning committee.  Initiative teams consisting primarily of staff and administrators will begin working this summer, but those with substantial faculty and student members will begin working at the start of fall 2019.

August 2019 — Below are the changes that will be made to Momentum’s action groups and various other university Committees in order to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure the smooth implementation of the plan: 

  • Initiative 2 (Expanding research) and Initiative 22 (Supporting faculty and student research) will work as a single taskforce.
  • Initiative 3 (Securing AASCB accreditation) taskforce will merge with groups in the School of Business and Technology that are working on the issue.
  • Initiative 6 (Articulating our Catholic Identity in light of the RSHM) will replace the current Catholic Identity Committee.
  • Initiative 10 (Ensuring focused and intentional retention programs) will work as part of the Committee on Retention and Graduation.  Further, Initiative 9 (Defining the Marymount Pledge) will now be assigned to the Committee on Retention and Graduation.
  • Initiative 14 (Developing agile and market responsive new programs) will be led by the Academic Policy, Budgeting, and Planning Committee of Faculty Council.
  • Initiative 17 (Revising the Core Curriculum) will be led by the Liberal Arts Committee of Faculty Council.
  • Initiative 21 (Expanding experiential learning and global opportunities) and Initiative 23 (Coordinating High Impact Practices) will be merged into a single initiative.
  • Initiative 28 (Establishing a competitive total compensation plan) and Initiative 30 (Establishing a high performing culture of goals and incentives) will be both be addressed by the University Benefits Committee.
  • Initiative 31 (Expanding academic and operational technology) will now be addressed by the University Technology Committee.
  • Initiative 32 (Implementing the Campus Master Plan) will be assigned to the University Facilities Committee.