Strategic Imperatives

The Plan’s Strategic Imperatives

Four themes emerged from the early retreats and became pillars of the strategic plan:  Distinctive Identity, Transformative Experience, Vibrant Community, and Sustainable Future.  

Distinctive Identity –  Marymount must strengthen awareness, appreciation and support of our history, traditions and unique position in the region, nation, and the world.

Transformative Experience – Marymount must offer all students the curriculum, co-curriculum, and academic support that prepares them to thrive in a complex world requiring intellectual and interpersonal facility and flexibility.

Vibrant Community – Marymount must offer an exciting environment of talented and committed students, faculty, staff and community partners who work together, support each other, and serve the greater good.

Sustainable Future – Marymount must ensure its continued viability through solid enrollment growth fueled by market-informed programs that reflect our Mission.   As we grow, Marymount needs to ensure that expanded student populations have the resources to be successful in our community.

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