For Students

Course evaluations are administered online through Canvas using a tool called EvaluationKIT.


The Evaluation Process

  • Early Notice: An announcement email will be sent from the system to let you know when course evaluations will open and when they will close. This will usually be sent out a week before the course evaluation period.
  • Email Notification: You’ll receive another email on the day that course evaluations open. The email will contain a link that will let you access your evaluations directly. You can click on that link and complete your course evaluations at any time during the (typically three-week) course evaluation period.
  • Access Through Canvas: You may also access your course evaluations at any time during the course evaluation period by logging on to Canvas. Links to your course evaluations will appear on your Canvas home page.
  • Reminder Emails: During the evaluation period, you’ll receive reminder emails to complete your evaluations before they close. You will also get a popup message within Canvas if you have evaluations that have not yet been completed. Once you complete all of your evaluations, you will no longer receive reminders or see the popup messages.
  • Closing Day: Course evaluations generally close on the last day of class.
  • Results: Once the course evaluation period ends and final grades for the semester have been submitted by instructors, results from the course evaluations will be made available to course instructors, the department chair, the dean, the Provost’s office, and other appropriate administrators. Instructors use this information to improve the format and curriculum of their courses as well as their teaching methods, so your feedback is very important.
Student FAQs

Get answers to frequently-asked questions about your course evaluations and EvaluationKit.

How do I complete my course evaluations?


You’ll receive an email from with a link to your evaluations.

You may access your course evaluations at any time through Canvas. Once you log in, you will be able to see links to all the evaluations that are ready for you to complete as well as the deadline for completing the evaluations.

You may also complete your evaluations on any of your mobile devices.

Please complete an evaluation for each of the courses on your list.

Why should I complete my course evaluations?


There are several important reasons why students should submit evaluations:

  1. Instructors need to hear from you about what worked well in your course and what needs improvement. Evaluations are important for instructors to help them ensure that the course structure and their teaching methods are effective.
  2. Deans, academic administrators, and committees use this feedback to inform their evaluation of an instructor’s teaching effectiveness.
  3. This feedback is more useful and informative when it comes from most or all of the students enrolled in a course rather than just a few.

Are my evaluations anonymous?


Yes, all of your responses to all questions are kept anonymous during the entire course evaluation process. We know this is important to you.

Instructors will know the percentage of students in each class that completed the evaluation but will not be able to see which students did or did not complete the evaluation.

What if I need assistance?

Contact us at or call us during office hours (9:00am — 5:00pm) at (703) 284-5748.

I missed the evaluation window. Can I still complete my evaluations?

No, unfortunately you can’t complete an evaluation after the end date for that evaluation has passed. It’s important to pay attention to the dates and maybe add a reminder to your calendar to finish your evaluations before they close.

When will my instructor be able to see the results?

Course instructors will be able to access the results of course evaluations only after the close of the course evaluation period and their submission of the final grades for the semester.