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Course Evaluations

Marymount’s course evaluation process is conducted online through Canvas using a course evaluation software called EvaluationKIT.

The Course Evaluation Process

  • Course evaluations open three weeks before the last day of classes
  • Course evaluations close the last day of classes
  • Reports are available generally within one week following the deadline for submission of grades to the Registrar

Before the Start of Course Evaluations

Instructors will receive an email about one week prior to the start of the course evaluation period. The email will include information about the opening and closing dates of the course evaluation window, as well as tips to encourage student participation. Instructors will receive another reminder email on the morning of the start of the course evaluation period.

Starting in Fall 2019, course instructors and/or program administrators will be able to add a small number of custom questions to the main university course evaluation.
How to add custom questions to course evaluations

During the Course Evaluation Period

  • Checking Response Rates: Instructors may check the current response rate for each of their courses at any time during the course evaluation period by logging in to Canvas and accessing the EvaluationKIT module on their course homepage. This will take you to your instructor dashboard which features a real-time response rate tracker for each course. For more information about logging in to and using EvaluationKIT on Canvas, please read the Quick Start Guide for Faculty.
  • Encouraging Participation: Instructors can find tips for increasing course evaluation responses rates here.

After the Course Evaluation Period Ends

  • Accessing Reports: Once you have submitted your final grades, you’ll receive an email within one week following the deadline for submitting grades to the Registrar notifying you that your reports are available. You may click on the link in the email or access reports directly through the EvaluationKIT module on your course homepage in Canvas. For help in accessing your reports, please read Instructor: How to Access Your Course Evaluation Results.

Resources for Faculty

Faculty FAQs

Get answers to frequently-asked questions about your course evaluations and EvaluationKit.