APR Schedule

In accordance with the university’s academic assessment policy, all university programs are reviewed every six years. The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE), in consultation with the provost and Dean’s Council, coordinates the schedule of reviews and notifies programs when they are scheduled for review.  Programs may request an alteration of their scheduled review when circumstances warrant it, usually to align with accreditation reporting. The provost may also initiate unscheduled reviews in exceptional circumstances

Program Review Schedule (as of Fall 2018)

Important Dates

Semester 1, Spring
Spring-Summer Deans and the Academic Policy, Budgeting, and Planning Committee (APBP) confirm program review schedule for the following year. In June, PIE prepares program review data.
Semester 2, Fall
By 9/15 PIE contacts the program for an initial meeting and sends the standard data set for analysis.
By 12/15 Programs resolve all data questions, discrepancies, and concerns in consultation with PIE. Programs send name and affiliation of approved reviewer to PIE.
Semester 3, Spring
By 1/15 Programs submit draft report to the School director, who then sends to College Dean. Once the Dean reviews it for completeness, he/she sends the report to the approved reviewer.
During Feb. The external reviewer visits Marymount. and prepares and sends report.
By 3/15 Programs submit final report to the School Director and College Dean and copy PIE.
During Apr. and May Program review reports are reviewed by the Provost in discussion with the Dean, and results are communicated APBP.