WDVM: For first time, Marymount University partners with TheDream.US and welcomes Dreamers on scholarship

On Thursday, Marymount University welcomed 427 undergraduates of its Class of 2023.
According to Marymount, the 2023 freshman class is the most geographically diverse class the college has seen in the last five years, and this year it includes a handful of Dreamers — students who are receiving scholarships because they don’t qualify for federal subsidized loans.
“The students that are DACA students are not eligible to receive any kind of federal funding,” said University President, Dr. Irma Becerra. “They are top performers and students that, we know with the right level of financial support, will be successful.”
This is the first year the university has partnered with TheDream.US to offer these scholarships.
Marymount is now one of 25 colleges in the country to offer such grants.
Becerra says a group of students in the Dreamers Club at Marymount approached her last year with
the idea to make such scholarships available.
“I think to be a Dreamer means not only to dream and chase your dreams, but also to make your dreams become a reality,” said Treisy, a Class of 2023 freshman who says she wouldn’t have been able to attend Marymount without her scholarship. “For the people who are Dreamers — never stop chasing your dreams. Keep going, because something like this will happen. It happened to me, and it could happen to them. You never know.”

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