The pros of going into college undecided

The pros of going into college undecided


Daunting decisions about college don’t end after you’ve committed to a university, unfortunately. Once you’ve chosen the school you’ll be attending in the fall, you’re quickly faced with another all-important question from friends and family — what are you going to major in?

Some have had a steadfast answer to this question since the beginning of high school, but for others who aren’t so sure, the pressure can be very intimidating and detract from the excitement of starting college. But there’s good news — going into college undecided on your major doesn’t have to be so scary. It can actually be a good thing! Being undecided just means you have time to explore all of your options and get to know all kinds of new people and subjects. Here’s why you don’t need to stress the next time you answer this question with “I don’t know yet!”

If you’re undecided, you’ll meet other students and professors that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Taking classes in different fields is a great way to meet people from all over campus your first year. Even if you’d always go to your biology professor’s office hours during your first year, but you end up majoring in English, you’ve made a lasting connection with a faculty member who you can go to for guidance later on. Or, maybe you’ll even meet some of your best friends in a random class.

Easily get course requirements out of the way.

Outside of your major requirements, many schools require you to take classes in other subjects that aren’t in your specialty area. While exploring different major possibilities, you’ll probably fulfill many of these requirements on your own, instead of tacking on a class you have no interest in simply to fulfill your credits. Plus, taking intro-level classes in a variety of areas allows you to obtain the necessary prerequisites for whichever subject you end up pursuing.

Refine what you’re passionate about before choosing a major.

Now is the time to take a class about something that fascinated you in high school, or something you’re completely unfamiliar with but have always been curious about. Not sure where to start? Pick something random. Try philosophy, or religious studies, or interior design. Stick to the classes that sound genuinely appealing to you. And don’t worry if you still aren’t finding something you love, because it’s just as valuable to figure out what you like first.

Here at Marymount University, we know that choosing a major can be overwhelming and come with a lot of questions! But we have a plethora of major options to choose from when you’re ready to decide what path you want to take. So, don’t stress! Start by taking a look at our Majors & Programs page to get a head start.